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Bhilwara Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sang Ltd.

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A Brief Introduction:

On the first day of its opening Bhilwara Dairy sangh procured 100 lit of milk and in the year 1977 the sangh started marketing of milk as well as selling of loose milk. In the year 1984, with the expansion of the sangh, the business of packed milk was also started & 1200 lit of milk was sold in this year by the sangh. In present time 1,00,000 lit milk per day is being sold in Bhilwara & adjoining districts/Areas. Bhilwara dairy is presently selling 4 varieties of milk in addition with milk by products namely--Ghee, Shrikhand, Panner, Butter, Flavoured milk, Taaza Chaach , Cheese, Taaza Dahi , ice cream & Cow ghee in different pack size. Soon the dairy will be introducing Makhania Lassi.

List of Saras Products:
    • Full Cream Milk
    • Standardised Milk
    • Toned Milk
    • Double Toned Milk

    • Ghee
    • Table Butter
    • Shrikhand
    • Paneer
    • Plain Chaach
    • Namkeen Chaach
    • Flavoured Milk
    • Ice Cream
    • Cow Ghee
    • Dahi
    • Lassi
Milk Variants Of Saras Dairy Bhilwara:

In today’s competitive world the customer is the king. If a producer is not able to fulfill the needs of the customer, the customer has the option of going in for the other brands of products that are available in plenty. In order to capture varying needs of the consumer of today Bhilwara Milk union has four varieties of milk in different pack size their product portfolio. This will help us to capture a greater customer base in the market.

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